Rides & Events

Enjoying your journey is paramount.

Connections based on BMW Motorcycle Day trips, RoadTrips, Touring and Adventures. 

Each crafted with precise care and executed with faultless enthusiasm.

A memorable experience for all involved.

Building social and brand bonds that last a lifetime.


Enjoy your ride with Hergs

Regular Rides

It all starts with a light breakfast. Lead and tail riders manage an (usually) intimate group of liked minded riders to interesting places a couple of hours from Melbourne. Most times, home via your own way mid to late afternoon or follow the team back to the workshop.

Check the calendar for next ride announcements.


Enjoy your ride with Hergs

Fully Supported BMW Road Trips

Fully supported, means you can relax and enjoy the experience more.
Hergs RoadTrips are professionally organised, managed and include “trip ready” personalised packs, safety briefings, route plans and more luxury.

A commercial backup vehicle follows the group with a BMW Motorrad Technician on-board as well as refreshments, emergency fuel and luggage transport.

A professional photographer also comes along to capture the adventures and participants are provided with a commercially printed photobook as a memento.


Enjoy your ride with Hergs


If BMW Motorrad are having an event, you'll finds us there as participants. Come with us!

We can organise you bike to be ready and you'll be part of our team. Bike checks, servicing and tyres as well as transport if required. Lets us help you go.