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High-value media and experiential event assets to lift your brand.

Hergs Moto is a motorcycle media and experiential events company.
Elevating brand experiences through curated journeys.

We do this through a reputable BMW Motorrad focused premium internet publication and beautifully choreographed and photographed BMW exclusive premium ride events.

We love what we do; Building relationships that result in a journey. Curating those journeys, collecting and creating content as we go.

“Our experience with BMW Motorrad and BMW Motorcycles is the lens through which we focus, to create rich experiences, content and connections which are relevant and meaningful.”

Today, Hergs Moto Media & Events produces a stunning eZine with news, reviews & view in a dynamic website. In addition, we conceive and conduct premium tours, rides, functions and exciting events, offering unrivalled access to engaged and primed consumers across multiple platforms.

To explore an advertising and media partnership with Hergs Moto Media & Events, request a media kit, get in touch or directly purchase asset space online:
Curated New, Review & View; Demographics, advertising options, rates and deadlines.

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Hergs Moto Digital
Photographic gallery, newsletter, web, eDMs, native and content marketing.

Motorrad RoadTrips® & Events
Sponsorship opportunities for events including 3 annual RoadTrips, functions and other events. 

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At Hergs Moto, the journey is everything.

Talk to us about how we can facilitate customer experiences that connect with your brand.