About Hergs

Hergs Moto is a motorcycle media and experiential events company.


Helping customers experience and enjoy BMW Motorrad products.

We do this through a reputable BMW Motorrad focused internet publication and beautifully choreographed and photographed BMW exclusive premium ride events.

We love what we do; Building relationships that result in a journey. Curating those journeys, collecting and creating content as we go.


“Our experience with BMW Motorrad and BMW Motorcycles is the lens through which we focus, to create rich experiences, content and connections which are relevant and meaningful.”


All of the challenges, excitement and outcomes captured to produce an internationally distributable Television series.


We build value for our partners by tightly integrating advertising and endorsement into our content, experiences and bonds.


We welcome you to...
Begin your journey with Hergs.

3 ex-BMW Motorrad staff with a wealth of previous success, knowhow and love of great products and riding, have built on a venture which is now Hergs.

We love to listen to our customer's needs and dreams so talk to us about yours.  


We believe...
your story is our story.

We're all about the journey, the relationships and the joy. We operate with the highest standards and trust.

We love what we do and so will you.