Hergs Jumpstart Campaign

Help Hergs Help You!

Every story has a beginning and this is ours.

We’re at pre-start up and looking for initial support to simply get our team going.

You’re reading this because potentially we think you might like to support us in some fashion either as a part of our in-house Jumpstart Campaign or Angel Investment.

There are several options but we’re looking to raise enough to setup, staff and start a small (did we say small? We mean tiny!) BMW motorcycle maintenance workshop.

You can simply donate and we'll make sure you get a mention and a thanks.


You can pre-purchase any future product, service or offering listed below but there are a few conditions*.


You can talk to us directly regarding either Angel Investment or Commercial investment (but we're not allowed to talk about that here!*).

We're a very experienced team and in fact, if you own a BMW Motorcycle in Melbourne chances are you'll have come across at least one of us from the team. Read a little more about us here.


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